South Knowlesville
Community Land Trust
111 Simms Rd
Knowlesville, NB
E7L 4P7

Businesses & Organizations in the Knowlesville Area

Artful Acre is an illustration and graphic design business that serves primarily maritime based organic farms, not-for-profit organizations and business. Leland Wong-Daugherty is both the designer and owner of this home-based business. The Wong-Daugherty family is one of the main proponents of this initiative.

Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods emphasizes locally produced, whole, organic and world food. Our vision is to establish a food store/resource centre/meeting place focused on sustainable, healthful, green living in our corner of beautiful New Brunswick.

Dykstra Farm is a large dairy operations with about 80 milking cows and an overall herd size of 120+. The farm operations include growing grain, corn, silage and hay for their own feed. For someone who enjoys working hard and has experience working on a full scale farm, there is often seasonal employment opportunities at this farm.

Hemphill Hardwoods is a small lumber mill that harvests wood from private land holdings within the Knowlesville area and custom mills rough cut lumber, timber and boards.

Hutlo Acres is a certified organic apple orchard in East Knowlesville. It is the only organic apple orchard in New Brunswick with over 70 varieties of apples, many of which are heirloom. From late August to January there are fresh apples available and year round apple cider, apple sauce and apple butter. They also have bees and sell honey, but it sells out fast.

Knowlesville Baptist Church: located about 5km from the proposed neighbourhood, the church offers regular sunday services with an active sunday school that begins at 10am.

Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre: Located on the land trust, the KAN Centre is a community learning space used for a forest preschool and a Waldorf Grades program, yoga classes, talking circles, jamborees and more. Check their website for current activities.

Knowlesville Women's Institute was founded in the early 1900s to meet the needs of rural women and to discuss the problems in their community and possible solutions. The Knowlesville W.I. still meets on a monthly basis and maintains a community hall located beside the Batist Church. was set up to showcase local maritime environmental goods and services. It is a beautiful collection of craft persons, organic farms, renewable energy compamies and more.

Northwood Survival is a family-owned community-based business that offers Wilderness Skills and Survival Training in Carleton County, New Brunswick.

The Tree Project is an educational non-profit organization that works internationally in rural areas to restore ecosystems and encourages local sustainable community initiatives.